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Marion Ettlinger
Adam Braver

In 1993, Marion Ettlinger got the gig of a lifetime. For its fiftieth anniversary issue Esquire magazine was to feature fifty writers, and Marion, who was living in Vermont at the time, got the assignment. After about the first twenty shoots she realized the writer was her natural subject. “It wasn’t like I was looking for it; looking to zero in or narrow in. It just came to me that I felt something right about, and something I wanted to do.” Since then Marion’s portraits of writers have become synonymous with American literature. Just thumb through her book, Author Photo, and you’ll understand. Shot in black and white. In natural light. Timeless poses that could come right off the movie stills at the neighborhood movie theater. Look at her iconic portrait of Raymond Carver, staring menacingly at the camera, his eyes almost like storm clouds; this is not just a photo of Raymond Carver, this is a picture of the mind that wrote those beautifully troubled stories. In other words, in Marion Ettlinger’s photography we don’t just get portraits of a writer; we get portraits of the writer...

Black Rock City Journal - Len Goldberg

Day 1 (Monday)
The day is finally here. I can’t exactly tell you why my wife and I wanted to attend Burning Man, to spend a week in a desert where you must be not only self- sufficient, but also leave no trace of your visit at week’s end. Or why we wanted to be in an environment that’s 110 degrees during the day and 40 degrees at night—punctuated by sandstorms. Or why we wanted to be spend months sifting through the must-read survival guide and preparing to camp with forty thousand complete strangers. Perhaps it’s middle-age crazy. Perhaps we’re trying to re-create our youth. Or perhaps we’re looking for something that had so many wonderful promises in the ’60s yet were never fulfilled. Whatever it was, I had this powerful feeling that it would be a totally unique and maybe life-altering experience...

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