Post Road Magazine #10

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Q:What was the first thing you ever wrote? ...more

CACOPHONY • Overheard: Wake Up New York City, September 2001- Andrey Gritsman

“Let’s do it. We are all well prepared. Our backpacks are stacked with the supplies, boots broken in....

ELEGY • Falling Objects -Gail Siegel

A wedding bouquet sails down two flights, dropping lavender petals, from the top of a twisting staircase....more

LIBRETTO • Hell - Eileen Myles

Act 1

(This scene occurs in a wordless musical introduction.)
Hell takes place in an unnamed future, in a time right next to ours....

BIBLIOGRAPHY • Joyce Carol Oates

With Shuddering Fall – New York: Vanguard, 1964. 316 pages.

With the publication of By the North Gate, Joyce Carol Oates established herself firmly on the literary scene. In With Shuddering Fall, her first novel, she justifies her acclaim even more dramatically....

ESSAY • Horrible Endings: My Brother and The Complete Works of Saki - Randi Triant

“. . . I believe that it is better to know one book intimately, than a hundred superficially....

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