Post Road Magazine #10

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Holiday From Women by Barry Gifford

Bobby Newby had three women in his life, each of whom provided ingredients important if not essential to his existence....more

Still Wreck by D. Gatling Price

Sunday always wears pale and soft. She says, “I wasn’t meant to live in the city.” I imagine what it would be like for us in cool places where the night is not filled with hum. The room I sit in is filled with linoleum and dry heat and the smell of toast. The room she is sleeping in smells of gardenias with the shades drawn. At 6 AM I wish I got up everyday to think. I buy too many lottery tickets. The floor boards creak on the way to the bathroom. Sunday runs the water. Sunday will want coffee too....

The Other Woman by David Roth

Sirens sounded on the block a breath before the manic lights, and Andrew listened as the cold night air distorted them into an almost- human shriek. ......more

Now It's Clean by Nina de Gramont

Yvette’s first husband needed a ride home from the psychiatric hospital in Denver....

Unheimlech by Joseph Salvatore

But it’s not exactly like that either—at least not entirely—not exactly like what you said I just said. But, okay, fine, I could go that far. I could....more

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