Post Road Magazine #10

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Below the Nearer Sky + Silt by Alex Lemon

The goldfish spins, fan-tail
spread like fingers on fire.

It fast-forwards for days—
Figure-eights a whirling fury...more from Two Poems by Alex Lemon

Those Georgia Sundays + Litany by Patrick Phillips

In Georgia, too, my father got up early,
wearing piss-stained boxers in the August heat,
then with yellow hands that reeked of Vantage
Ultra Light 100s, made the A/C shudder....

in sales + past the bitter end by John Colburn

Everyone who kisses is going on a kissing spree.
Looks like the space between whirring helicopter blades.
You can make a lot more money saying yes
than saying no. In a twilight of underwater summers
the disease of kissing marches forward,
strumming our hamstrings slack.
Sometime in your life you will look at clouds
...more from Two Poems by John Colburn

First Why + And How by Sharon Dolin

By fire. By stammering. Stoning. By water.
By hook. By wandering. By the seat of.
By being there. By phone.
By election. At home. By the side
of. With butterflies. By rote....

Casa Blanca by Henrik Nordbrandt - Translated by Patrick Phillips

I dreamed of a house by the sea, so white
it was no dream.

The summer night so divinely clear
that summer had long since gone....

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