Post Road Magazine #11

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Coati Mundi - by Derek White

When I got off the bus, 'I' was back to where I started without going anywhere. My mother wasn't home and Corn Tassel's Aunt Kernel was drinking milk in our living room. Whenever a scorpion stung her, Kernel would stop to drink a glass of milk and then keep working....more

Reruns Never Lie by David McGlynn

This is the spot where the kitchen table used to be, the chairs went around it like so. Nothing here looks how it should. The cabinets used to have doors with dishes inside, the countertop had tiles, the windows behind me had screens. I distinctly remember a flowerpot on the sill. Virginia and I did it over here, on the carpet, in this very spot. We had just finished tacking it to the floor and it was how we congratulated ourselves for our good efforts. The neighbors told us that heavy traffic is not good for new carpet. Now there is no traffic, only the scarred floorboards filled with holes....

All or Nothing at The Fabergè - by Peter Granbois

Roman sees a Parisian skirt decked in green and says he’ll meet me in a second. I watch from the side of the strip as he makes his move; he keeps one eye on Johnny and both hands on the skirt....more

Drive-in by Dan Pope

I am driving my father's Ford station wagon with my high school classmates, Bob and J. C. We're heading down the Berlin Turnpike, looking for the drive-in theater. We are on our way to see Deep Throat....

The Magic Box - by Anthony Siegel

Augustus Auerbach woke before dawn, worried about the light. He got himself into his wheelchair, rolled to the window, and pressed a hand to the glass....more

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