Post Road Magazine #11

Cinèma Vèritè

David Semanki

I hate these.

Hate what?

Your maps of Paris. Bedroom walls should remain bare.

Whose rule is that?

Someone who knows you grow bored very easily.


I didn't make a New Year's resolution this year; nothing changes.

Sometimes no action is the action.


Ingmar Bergman again? You just watched that.

That was yesterday.

At least watch a different one.

This is a different one.

Who could tell. They're all so similar-

That's what appeals to me, their similarity.

* Another thing. Next time we're in bed, stick to English.


She wasn't.

She was.

She wasn't.

I swear. Catherine Deneuve was in a commercial for blueberries.

And what did she say?

What do you think. "I love blueberries."


Why don't we talk-I mean really talk anymore? Our best conversations were our first conversations.

We were strangers then; we took comfort in illusion.

Double Feature

It would be nice to talk to you without that book in your face.

I'll put it down in a minute.

You've been saying that for three days.

Do you know how many days Sophia Loren served in an Italian prison?

Why would anyone?

It says here, seventeen. For tax evasion.

You're wasting your time reading trash. Shouldn't you be writing instead?

It was supposed to be thirty.

Well, shouldn't you be?

But she was let out early for good behavior.

Lucky her.


How about we go to a movie?
I'm sure there is something good at Film Forum.

I don't want to see a movie.

But we can get popcorn.

Why is it that you always suggest a movie after we have a disagreement?

I love going to the movies.
They give pleasure; they comfort.

What you mean is they're an activity in which we won't have to talk.

How do you feel about a double feature?

David Semanki received his MFA from Columbia University. He has been published in such places as The New Yorker, The Paris Review, The Yale Review, and The New York Times Book Review. He currently lives in Massachusetts.

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