Post Road Magazine #11

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Proof + The Lesson of the Birds - by Jason Stumpf

No brushstroke,
no sketch-of-a-tree-

The sky holding to its breath-

New cloud white unfolds,
a page curling as it turns
a thing can be so private
as to risk disappearance....more

Indelible + Uninvited Guest - Elizabeth Knapp

This morning in meditation, I thought of what remains:
my pain, for example,...

New York Selves: An Elegy + God Machine on Adversity - by Maria Hummel


As my favorite one, I die dramatically on the streets and end up in the memory of a future filmmaker. He gives me red mittens, snow, a lover who said something he regretted, a car speeding too fast....more

God on Side + So Dirty a Smile - Brian Engel-Fuentes

No basil here yet
dear Italy
The poisons of flavor
a prison among itself...

Cinéma Vérité+ Double Feature- by David Semanki

I hate these.

Hate what?

Your maps of Paris. Bedroom walls should remain bare....more

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