Post Road Magazine #12

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Excerpts from the Suicide Letters of Jonathon Bender (b.1967-d.2000) - by Michael Kimball

Dear Ted Poor,
I’m sorry for hitting you over the head with my Scooby-Doo lunch box and cracking your head open with it, but you were a lot bigger than I was then. I was afraid of you and I wanted you and your brother to stop picking on me on the way home from school. ...more

The Boardwalk by Brian Booker

One afternoon near the end of summer, while George Pavel stood alone by a snack booth dribbling malted vinegar into his paper cone of fries, he looked down and saw something nearly inhuman—a creature in a stroller—staring back at him. It had eyes like soft-boiled eggs, a mouth like a shmoo. It gurgled....

Gold Firebird by Peter Rock

Harnessing the sun, the gold Pontiac Firebird careened across the wide desert mirages. It surfaced, distinct and glinting, and disappeared once again. Then, shimmering, it rose and veered and finally jerked to an impatient stop alongside the pumps of an isolated service station. ...

On the History of a Backgammon Board - by Paul Yoon

The clasp of the backgammon board wasn’t always broken. It was thin and silver, in the shape of a fleur-de-lis with a hole at its center where a small knob entered to keep the two wooden panels shut. Inside lay the checkers, also wooden, with mother-of-pearl inlays. The board itself, once unfolded, was the size of a placemat. It was given to her in Greece. ...more

Fisher Cat by Seth Harwood

Davis first sees the animal while he’s taking out the trash. ...




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