Post Road Magazine #12

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Reading an Ex-Lover’s First Novel + HWY 51 - by Ashley Capps

I don’t mind if you say her blouse
fell open like thunder, or if you recall
the amethyst veins inside her eyelids, the sand
in the delicate ditch of her neck. Go ahead ...more

Non Sum Dignus + Ard na Mara - Fred Marchant

Red orb of the sacred heart,
little fist bleeding on plaster robe....

I Spy - by Elizabeth Powell

1. Westport, Connecticut, A Christmas Party, December 21, 8:45 pm

Pushing his hair back out of his face, he was checking himself out in the darkened window. A snowflake of frost spidered....more

Lullabye for My Sister + Feast of All Wounds - by G.C. Waldrep

And the moon.
A problem I would not have expected....

Vertical Hold + The World as Seen Through a Glass of Ice Water - by Dobby Gibson

There are a billion reasons to look down
into a casket but just one way to lie there dead,
which proves there isn’t anything
you can think of that isn’t here for the living,
who are each alive for a short time
in a very different way....

July 19, 1962: Susanna Martin + September 18, 1755: Mark and Phillis -
by Jill McDonough

Salem, Massachusetts

She hurt Elizabeth Browne with nayls & pinns,
as birds peking her legs or priking her
with the mosion of thayr wings


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