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Journal: Erasing Gender: A Womanís Journey through Menís Lockup Tracy Slater

Day 1
When the alarm rings, I swat it with my hand, brush sleep from my eyes, run my fingers through long, tangled hair, and swing thin legs over the side of the bed. I walk to the bathroom, give the mirror a bleary stare, and begin my task. ...more

Fictional Essay: John Berryman, b. 1914 - Baron Wormser

Probably you’re thinking that I learned about John Berryman in college because where else would you learn about a guy like John Berryman? You’re not going to see his poems on billboards or in local newspapers next to ads for septic tanks cleaned and snow tires. ...more

Conversation: Mark Strand - Michael O'Keefe

Mark Strand’s credits look like an aspiring writer’s dream—or maybe multiple dreams—come true. He is a Former Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner, recipient of several Guggenheim fellowships and the McArthur fellowship. I found Strand to be open, self-effacing, funny and deeply concerned about the state of human perception. ...more

Index: First Publications

I’d written a bunch of male coming-of-age stories in grad school; my main goal—subconsciously—was to write like a man. This was my first story from that era written from a girl’s perspective. It’s about a family who takes in asleepwalking boarder who hoards his letters instead of mailing them. When they try to tie him down to cure his sleepwalking, the family takes on weird ailments. ...

Twenty Questions: David Mamet

Q: Many of your works, like Oleanna,Homicide, and Glengarry Glenross tend to have dialogue that has a rapid-fire, debate-like rhythm to it. I wonder if it can be compared to the classical Greek dramatic technique of stichomythia? Has classical Greek drama influenced your work? ...

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