Post Road Magazine #13

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Alabama - by Murray Dunlap

Heather was born in Alabama. So was I. This is something I like to say. In Alabama, shrimp and oysters taste a little like champagne and the crabtrap haul is fifteen pounds, pulled up hand over hand, the rope stained brown and slick with algae. ...more

Famous Cake by Kim Drain

He’d been watching the shadows lift away from the bedroom curtain for more than an hour when the old woman finally spat. Staring at the ceiling, a pillow wedged on either side of her head, Miranda said, “In China, people think it’s good to spit.” It sounded like she was trying to convince somebody.....

From Rune to Ruin: An Alphabet (Excerpts) by Miranda F. Mellis

When confronted with Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience,” he said, “If Thoreau doesn’t like this country why doesn’t he leave and go back to Africa or Iraq where he comes from, so he can live an uncivilized life and not pay taxes and get his tongue chopped off.” This was not considered a valid response, and he received a zero. ...more

Dream Trailers by Julia Slavin

I sleep in my parents' bed. I have sex with my husband's boss. I cut a beaver in half with a shovel. ...

Nothing to Look at Here by Richard Hoffman

The bikes buzzed past trooper Larry Powell in the unmarked car, three of them, then another two, and then after a moment one more, all of them going ninety maybe more, weaving in and out of the three lanes of interstate traffic, so he hit the blue light and siren and pursued. ...




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