Post Road Magazine #13

All the Trees of the Field Shall Clap Their Hands

Eduardo C. Corral

Josefa Segovia was tried, convicted & hanged on July 5, 1851 in
Downieville, California for killing an Anglo miner, a man who the day
before had assaulted her.

beforAre the knees & elbows
befoe the the first knots
befoe the befoe thethe dead untie?
befoe theth I swing from a rope
befoe the befoe th thelashed
befoe theth to a beam. Some men
befoe thalong the Yuba river
befoe the befoe th ththetoss coins
befoe the befoeinto the doubling water.
befoe the befoe th ththetheVisible skin.
befoe the befoe th thMemorable hair.
befoe the beImagine: coal, plow,
befoe the befoe th th000erust, century.
befoe the befoe th teAll layers
befoe the befoe of the same palabra.
befoe the befoe th thebefoe the befoe thOnce
beforI mistook a peach pit
beforbeforbeforb0eon a white dish
beforbeforbeffor a thumbprint.
beforbeforWolf counselor.
beforbeforbeforbSmall rock.
beforbeforThe knot just under
beforbeforbefomy right ear
beforwhispers God is gracious,
beforbeforbeforbefGod will
beforbeforb increase.
The soul,
beforbeforbeforbeforbeforblike semen,
beforbeforbeforthe body

Eduardo C. Corral holds degrees from Arizona State University and the Iowa Writers' Workshop. His work has recently been honored with a "Discovery"/ The Nation Award and a MacDowell Colony residency.

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