Post Road Magazine #13

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Gerhard Richter's Motor Boat (First Version [Motorboot (erste assung)] + Nine Rhythms in Nine Days: A-Frame Near Sisters, Oregon - by Anthony Swofford

Three women and one man are onboard the motor boat motorboot
enjoying the rhythm and the wake and having their group ...

My Mayakovsky + Crime Spree - Michael Dumanis

I walk through Moscow in my yellow shirt.
I stagger in my sallow shirt through dusky Moscow,
brick lilies blossoming the length of its grey parkways...

All the Trees of the Field Shall Clap Their Hands + Our Completion: Oil on Wood: Tino Rodríguez: 1999 by Eduardo C. Corral

Josefa Segovia was tried, convicted & hanged on July 5, 1851 in Downieville, California for killing an Anglo miner, a man who the day before had assaulted her...more

Face For Radio + Quick Study - by Dora Malech

As usual I am unusually tired.
All night my fingers double-crossed me...more


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