Post Road Magazine #14

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The Gospel According to Lucas + The Gospel According to John- by Paula Bohince

The day’s meanest pleasure:
threading worm after worm, entire
length and breadth,
onto our hooks—
souls hardened, visible at last
beneath translucent flesh...

Wanting a Child + The Parachute- by Anna Catone

I didn't hit her,
the truck behind me slowing down, lights
in the rearview mirror like a loaded gun in a closet ...

Partner, My Partner
Naples, Italy
The Karma Club
At a poetry reading in Boston-
by Heather Hartley

My spaghetti western love, I come to you ragged and leggy
from the spanky suburbs of the East Coast of America,
all bones and heat to meet you in the dark pushy
alleys of your native streets—edicola, duchy, vicolo.

Invader + What is - by Andrew Kozma

The wall is nibbled into opening.

Inside, there is no exit except my entrance, curled in disfavor.

We enter, a multitude of one, and scratch our cryptograms to herald absence.

the end of history + the rise of the middle class - by Elliott Liu

what they meant was: now
that shit will calm down.

the natives are rested and ready to sing
hymns in a proper language, having made ...

Calculus - by Mark Wisniewski

the idea was
that even if you were
from the wrong side of town
you could make it if you went to this
prep school ...


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