Post Road Magazine #15

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Baggage + Those Were Desert Years- by Debra Gitterman

I met him at baggage claim, of all places, half asleep, barely knowing where I was. Luggage was circling and we were looking for what belonged to us. The sound of falling water when our arms touched....more

Soap Sirens + Advice for a Soap Siren- by Meghan Dunn

My mother knew each family’s secret:
each cheating tycoon and gold digger half sister
whose illegitimate son was switched at birth ...more.

Femmáge + Afterimage from a Train - by Maria Halovanic

Inheritance isn’t much: a few strands encoded
in the afterimage of a face. There’s no leaving,

so the philosophy becomes one of using things up:
the breath in one’s lungs, the flour sifted from the rim

of the canister, and under a locked window,
her needles and yarn, a meager sea green hunger...

Track 1: Lush Life + Track 4: Reflections - by Jericho Brown

The woman with the microphone sings to hurt you,
To see you shake your head. The mic may as well
Be a leather belt. You drive to the center of town
To be whipped by a woman’s voice...more

Ontogeny + Straddling Fences - by Nickole Brown

It’s the science of everyone’s earliest days
first plastered across the cover
of Time in 1965: unborn children
lifted from their dark organ
warmth with scalpel and scope, carbonation
blown to float them up
to the flashing fiber-optic eye ...

The Groaning Cows + The Story of the Stone - by Craig Morgan Teicher

One night, as if responding to some invisible signal, all the cows began groaning in unison. They groaned and groaned all the next day and did not stop at nightfall. This went on for days and days. No one could sleep. The children were growing more and more afraid. Nearly driven mad, everyone in town gathered in the meeting hall...

Google + Kelp - by Jeffrey Yang

How easy it is to lose oneself
in a kelp forest. Between
canopy leaves, sunlight filters thru
the water surface; nutrients...


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