Post Road Magazine #16

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Tiny Monuments: A Look at Snapshot Photography by Hannah Lifson

For the past year I have been organizing one man’s private collection of snapshots. When I find time, I work out of his apartment, where I sit for hours and pore through piles of dusty, sometimes ripped, warped, curled, and cracked snapshots, sorting them into categories with names like “Women in Furs,” “Men on Poles and in Trees,” “The Ends” (this means people shot from behind), “Double Exposures,” “Action Shots,” “Knowing Looks,” “Nudes,” and many more, determined by both the content and the mood of each snapshot. I then place the snapshots in clear plastic baseball card holders and store them in red cardboard boxes from IKEA. I would estimate the collection, conservatively, at ten thousand snapshots. ....more

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