Post Road Magazine #17

The infrastructure dreams of vertigo,

pellucid falls of water, greenery.

The bombs dismantled things, tornado-like

and strange they blew apart and built again

some lunatic's collage of creatures soft

and trusting, vulnerable—domestic birds

and mammals, babies;—heroes, weeping wounds

or icons—broken glass patched back into

a chandelier perhaps. The one I chose

possessed an unnamed illness—tainted blood

drove through his veins—the sickness's name hushed,

unsaid. It was the ghost month,—mother died

though not from bombs. To chaos and old night

return all things relentlessly. It was

the year of verdant, catastrophic dreams.

Painting: Falling, 2004, Oil on panel, 40" x 36" - Astrid Cravens
Poem: The Infrastructure Dreams - Lacy Schutz

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