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The Freud Notebook 20062008 by Ed Park

24 Nov 2006
I like metaphors of self-reflexivity, cause-and-effect loops, contradiction, homeopathy. At what point does one have to wash the laundry bag itself?

‘Rosa’s self-satisfaction was embarrassing and irritating, for he boasted that he had surpassed Michelangelo, and Passeri quickly changed the subject.’
            —Born Under Saturn

Ingredients for a writing project à la Sebald:
1. An old anonymous photo
2. A photo from your own life
3. A business card or matchbook
4. A passage from a magazine or newspaper
5. A photo or illustration from a catalog
6. A recipe
7. A logo
8. A passage from a book, real or invented.
Pick at least five and write a text inspired by them....more

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