Post Road Magazine #17

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A Natural Progression of Things - by Becky Adnot

Abbott chucks his last fried-chicken sandwich into the water, allowing his wrist to lift slightly in flourish as he releases it, watching the alligators chomp at the food, their jaws open and wide and beautiful in movement. There are three of them: long, thick-tailed, with skin that is cracked and gray, two who spring from the water at the chicken and a third who rests on a rock by the pond’s edge, uncharacteristically removed from the action. He is younger than the other two, smaller and less dusty, and Abbott often thinks of him as the family’s surly teenager. Abbott likes to attribute personalities to the gators, though this is harder to do while watching them lunge savagely at the chicken that he tossed into the pond. The second-largest gator, whom Abbott likes to think of as the wife and mother of the family—though he certainly has no proof of her sex, physical or otherwise—has caught the sandwich between her jaws, and Abbott watches as the other, larger gator wrests it from her, his wide mouth opening once, twice, as he juggles it between his teeth before definitively clamping his jaws upon it and gulping it down. Not very gentlemanly, but then Abbott reminds himself that he has allowed her the last two sandwiches. A man has to take something for himself from time to time....more

Don't Try Me - by Dixon Hearne

White bitch up in that school office said she goin’ call the police. I don’t know what the hell she talkin’ ’bout. I ain’t done nothin’. LaTreese one that started it, talkin’ ’bout she goin’ whup my ass. Cut me!

“All right, all right. Calm down,” other white bitch say, with her hair slicked back like a mangy-ass alley dog. “Have a seat.”

“I don’t want no seat,” I tell her. “Sit your own ugly ass down, ’cause I ain’t movin’!”....more

The Late Greats - by Connor Kilpatrick

Rocks - by Anney E. J. Ryan

Drunk in English - by Evan McMurry



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