Post Road Magazine #17

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Most Fertile Soil - by R. S. Armstrong

Santo begs the question: was I or was I not lonely?

Shame - by Robert Cording

Four last night. They trickled into the church
before the cold solidified. My wife and I signed them in,
made them empty pockets, checked for drugs and weapons,
went over the copious medications they carried,
then let them graze on free coffee, oranges, bread,
crackers, peanut butter, even a large bag
of Kentucky Fried wings a parishioner
brought by—gifts and leftovers of our middle class...more.

This is the Moon +
Rishikesh - by Edie Rhoads

God +
Random Violence - by Steve Healey

Morbidezza +
La Lingua - by Carrie St. George Comer

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