Post Road Magazine #17

Excerpt from Gint (an adaptation of Henrik Ibsenís Peer Gynt)
by Will Eno (Note: This play appeared in Post Road #16)

Dramatis Personae

Act First, Scene First
The GINT home. Lights up on MOTHER, alone, in bed, recovering from a hysterectomy. She moves with some difficulty.

MOTHER: Never have children. Or, I don't know. Have children. You end up talking to yourself, either way.

PETER enters, with a small box. He stands by the bed, looking at MOTHER. Pause.


PETER: I didn't even . . . God. I was trying to—

MOTHER: (Interrupting.) You're a liar. (Pause. Looking at the small box that PETER holds. Softening in tone.) Is that for me?

PETER: What, this? This is just . . . yeah. Yeah, I got this for you. You might not like it.

She opens it. It's a men's tie, yellowish green. She shakes her head almost imperceptibly and tries not to cry.

MOTHER: Thank you, Peter. Very thoughtful, of you. (Brief pause.) Let me share something with you, Peter. Just because I had this operation and can't have children anymore, because I don't have the organs for it anymore, doesn't mean I suddenly stopped being a woman, and suddenly stopped needing pretty things in life, or kindness. And suddenly started goddamn wearing ties. (Brief pause.) Ah, but we're in luck. It's your color.


Will Eno is a Guggenheim fellow and a fellow of the Edward F. Albee Foundation. His play Thom Pain (Based on Nothing) was a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize. His play Intermission premiered at the Ensemble Studio Theatre's One-Act Marathon in June 2006. An excerpt of his play Tragedy: A Tragedy appeared in the June 2006 issue of Harper's Magazine. Will was at Princeton University in 2006, teaching playwriting and as a Hodder fellow. In the past year he was a fellow of the New York Public Libraryís Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers . His plays are published by Oberon Books, in London, and by Theatre Communications Group and Playscripts, in the United States.

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