Post Road Magazine #18

Sumatra Mandheling, by Jakob Holder

Sumatra Mandheling received its world premiere on September 7, 2007, as part of Hunger Artists Theatre Company's Beyond Convention Festival, directed by Jeremy Gable. With deep thanks to Sheila Callaghan and Ranbir Sidhu.


JOE: A man on his way to work.
CONDUCTOR: The voice of a subway conductor (fluid, soft, preferably that of a woman.)

Chairs or a bench representing the inside of a subway car.
Time: Morning. A weekday.

(Lights up on a plastic chair or bench. A man, JOE, sitting, holding a brown paper bag, a newspaper, a briefcase, wearing a suit, combed hair. Sitting.)


Next stop, Lorimer Street.

(Time passing. The sound of doors shushing closed. Looking at the headlines of the folded paper. Sitting.)

Lorimer street.

(Sound of doors shushing open. JOE looking up, glancing at an advertisement. Sitting.)

Next stop, Bedford Avenue.

(Sounds of doors shushing closed. JOE looking back at his paper, the other folded half, shifting his brown paper bag, touching up his hair in the reflection across. Sitting.)

The time now is 8:23 A.M.

(JOE setting the paper in his lap, opening the bag, looking inside, looking pleased enough, reaching into the bag, pulling out a napkin.)

Bedford Avenue.

(Sound of doors shushing open. JOE placing the napkin on his knee, reaching into the bag, pulling out another napkin, placing it on his left knee.)

This will be the last stop...more

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