Post Road Magazine #19
Post Road #19

Post Road 19

Microclimates, by Charles McLeod
The Shut-down Class, by Cam Terwilliger
Chuliak, by Rachel Cantor
Miss Ang Has a Very Comfortable Life, by Caleb Powell
The Cumulative Effect, by Jon Chopan
The Burmese Dreams Series, by Alden Jones
List of 50 (11 of 50): WORM LOOP + List of 50 (25 of 50): DOPPELGANGER, by Blake Butler
The Impossible Return, by Jen Girdish
The Elephant's Head, by Vasyl Makhno, trans. Oksana Lutsyshyna and Daniel Belgrad
A Little Triage, by Peter Zinn
The Best Way to Get Good Taste, by David Schleifer
Sargent Adrift at the Trenches + The Owl for at Least a Few Steps, by Matt Donovan
Cape Sagres to Lisbon and Back Again + Surface Tension, by Ravi Shankar
Provincetown, 1990 + What I'm Going To Do Is, by Michael Klein
Annapolis + View, by Chris Bolin
Unheimlich (Not at Home) + After the Sex, Simile or Something Like It, by Elizabeth Senja Spackman
In Memory of Somebody Else's Feelings + Upon Seeing Again the Thriving, by Matt Hart
Jornada del Muerto + Late Summer, by Carrie Fountain
Salisbury + The Harvard Square Street Musicians, by Jenna Le
Invasion + Disconnection, by John Popielaski
The Graffoo, by D. Dominick Lombardi
OVERTURE: a Riff on the Sin of Despair, by Roy Ira Glassberg
But For the Lovers, by Wilfredo Nolledo, by Gina Apostol
Reading Ishiguro in Camden Town, by Brian Ascalon Roley
Getting Lost In the City With Edward P. Jones, by Jennine Crucet
An Autobiography, by Anthony Trollope, by Michael Dahlie
GUEST FOLIO: Edited by Carlo Rotella
A Penny and A Nickel, by Brenna Casey
To Face the Music and Dance, by Joel Dinerstein
Things I Couldn't Fix, by Charles Farrell
35.4 Sentences About the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, by Rob Keast
Homeland Security, by Janelle Nanos
An excerpt from Just Say Goodbye, by Alexai Galaviz-Budziszewski


Cover Art: "Untitled 04, Bogotá" by Alec Soth/Magnum

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