Post Road Magazine #19

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Sargent Adrift at the Trenches + The Owl for at Least a Few Steps, by Matt Donovan

Cape Sagres to Lisbon and Back Again + Surface Tension, by Ravi Shankar

Provincetown, 1990 + What I'm Going To Do Is, by Michael Klein

Annapolis + View, by Chris Bolin

Unheimlich (Not at Home) + After the Sex, Simile or Something Like It, by Elizabeth Senja Spackman

In Memory of Somebody Else's Feelings + Upon Seeing Again the Thriving, by Matt Hart

Jornada del Muerto + Late Summer, by Carrie Fountain

Salisbury + The Harvard Square Street Musicians, by Jenna Le

Invasion + Disconnection, by John Popielaski

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