Post Road Magazine #20

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GUEST FOLIO: Edited by Paul Mariani

A Plea to My Vegan Great-grandchildren
+ My Billy Collins Moment, by A.M. Juster

Bubbie + Power, by Robert Pack

Saro’s Love Song, by Joseph Bottum

A Vision of India, by Whitney Dubie

The Guinness at Tigh Mholly, by Angela Alaimo O’Donnell

A Kind Of Ductility + Morning, by Simone Kearney

When Asked to Explain the Fall of Mankind, by Hannah Armbrust

The Setting Evening + Self-Portraits, by Stuart Krimko

Reasons to Search for Earth-like Planets
+ Ascension in the Uffizi Courtyard, by Will Dowd

Pavor Nocturnus with Relativity
+ Someone Will Have to Tell You, by Bianca Stone

The Argument + Proud Hand, by Adam Fitzgerald

Prelusion + The Futurists, by Allison Power

The Visitor + Watching the Light
+ For Who Knows How Long, by Tryfon Tolides

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