Post Road Magazine #22


Amorak Huey

"If I had to have a religion, it'd be you."
- Susan Browne

               The world has no end

of people happy to tell you what to do,

if I compared this shimmering highway to a river

it would be a lie. The erosion of pleasure inevitable

& cruelty walks barefoot among us–red dirt,

pale water, shale slices that tell the story of a place,

a million years of blood & history: compression:

out of mud is born life, followed closely by music

because: what else? Here is where I often

say: "Stop." Or, better: "Listen." Not this time–

what you choose to hear is up to you.

I always return to harmonica,

intoxicating whine & wha-wha of love song,

the pull of a woman who loved me once without end,

only this, too, is a lie of the sort I tell myself

every morning, every night, every right & wrong

& every dogwood for five hundred miles

spells her name in white blossoms.

Oh, it's a religion, all right, this music:

fiction & friction of flesh against flesh:

only way a body knows to battle loneliness.

Harmonica II

Amorak Huey

The best blues harmonica player on the face

of the planet is a man who never told a lie he didn't believe,

who stole his name, his best tricks–everything

except his sound–& that he gave away.

Forget all that. There is a woman who sets him on fire,

a woman who brings him to his knees as no god

ever has, a woman he needs the way rain needs river.

It tempts me to call her the source of all

that is holy & harmonic but I must be honest for once:

the music came first, & out of that music

was born thirst — close your eyes, you can see it:

spring day in Mississippi, man & woman

naked in the wistful riverside grass after making love

under newly wakened sun. He plays harmonica,

she holds on tight, they shiver in the heat. This moment

contains the beginning & ending of everything that matters.

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