Post Road Magazine #25

Only Softly

Buki Papillon

Only softly (if you must!). Through the door, crush the pulped brain-kin of millions to reach the other side. Must you then shrink your own childself to become the one that passes? For narrow is the gate (they said) which leads to salvation, and the needle's eye will swallow a camel's hump, but yours?

We know that a millipede might freely enter where a biped might not, and in simple play the child comes to learn that a round hole will defeat the squareness of a peg. What prevails, for the scribe, in the end, is a matter of intercession between A and Z. So when the void clamors to be filled, cast twenty-six runes from the silt of your ebbing self. For ciphers unfettered will alter matter.

Become then, as nothing. As ink bled on leaves; be the aleph, the arc of 'r'; the shell-curled 'c.' Then softly, softly. Pass.

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