Post Road Magazine #25

How on Earth

Tyrone Williams

The klutz of Tao

past, kaput
flaneur, Janus-

wrecked akimbo—

all points
Buddha and Buda-

pest, she-
wolf whistle

and all ears,
paws, and drool

he come a-
not e-loping,

nose open
wide to that wanton

wisp, his pungent

Wah Wah

Tyrone Williams

we milk this mix: wild
lisps: malapropos lips
    guffaw fingers
loitering palms—some
    pidgin-toed quadruped
in a moot boudoir—
    sunflower pink-pawed
savanna, sheer
    drop of a black waterfall
splashing pools of awww. . .

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