Post Road Magazine #25

The Winner by Don Cummings

Lydia: Jeffrey's wife Jeffrey: Lydia's husband Matilda: Their servant


A remote building on the edge of North America

The year 2309

(A regal woman, Lydia, is dressed in an evening gown. Not tacky, but not good taste. She is middle-aged, striking, and more to the point, has obviously been used to getting her way her whole life. To say she is a narcissist would be too weak. She wears a ridiculous diamond necklace. Perhaps a hand mirror lies nearby. Her husband, Jeffrey, in a fine suit, sits across from her. He has the mien of a king. His royal air chokes the room with currents of smugness. Together they drink wine, imperial as Americans can be. Near them is one silver canister—the type used by mountain climbers to breathe at very high altitudes. Empty canisters lie about. There is a hollowness of sound, an emptiness to the world.) ....more

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