Post Road Magazine #26

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Animal Behavior — Billy Collins

For the Young Woman I Saw Hit by a Car While Riding Her Bike + Atmosphere — Laura Kasischke

Going to Caldwell — Katrin Tschirgi

Against Uncertainty + Against Imperialism — Christopher Merrill

A Winter Wound — Peter Fallon

Song of Argos — Derek Sheffield

Penguins — Meg Kearney

Judenplatz + Cabin — Jennifer Barber

Southern California Ode (1969) + Climate — Baron Wormser

Chiron, on Achilles + First Tattoo — Caitlin Lahsaiezadeh

Sixteen, + Body, Body — Fred Marchant

Still Life with Light Bulb + Poco a Poco — Betsy Sholl

Poem With Refrain By Linda Nathan — Robert Pinsky

The Other Man + Spending the Night + The Categorical Imperative Poem — David Wagoner


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