Post Road Magazine #26

The Other Man

David Wagoner

Biologists tell us a man can be distinguished
from other primates by his upright posture,

his long legs and short arms, his high forehead,
his narrow jaw, and his customarily

(for the most parts) relatively small supply
of body hair. But I know a man who stands

in violation of all these primary features,
whose legs are short, whose posture is a slump

into a crude imposture, whose jaw is always
simultaneously at home and abroad, thrusting

itself forward, opening, closing, opening,
and opening, whose forehead begins and ends

almost immediately above all that,
whose arms are longer each night, whose countless fingers

and supposedly opposable thumbs can reach
but can't grab the inadmissible evidence

of what he's afraid is his inhumanity.
I find him night after night under my bed.

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