Post Road Magazine #29

Forsaken and Foregone

Scott Cairns

The ship is slow, and also slow
     the swarthy crew.  What's new?  Somewhere
yet ahead, and far, obscured
     today by low cloud, April mist,
and, as I say, no small distance,
     the island bides regardless,
and we, ship-bound for the moment,
     have grown a little slow about
our chores, assuming more delay
     in any changes fostering
efficacious effort at the prow.
     What now?  You're dozing at the oar.
We're sore, and sorely underwhelmed
     about our prospects, but admit
it's just this sort of thinking keeps
     the island far away—at bay?—
unconsidered, unexplored, all
     but impossible to believe.

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