Post Road Magazine #30


D. Dominick Lombardi, Call of Nature, 2015, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 48" x 36"

Cindy Kane, Hovering, 2014, Acrylic and oil pastel on lauan panel, 40" x 40", Photo credit: Ron Hall

Elizabeth Albert, Triangle, 2009, Oil on canvas, 24" x 18"

Sarah Hauser, Bunny in a Room IV, 2006, Strappo monotype,
15.5" x 13.5", Courtesy of Woodward Gallery, NYC

Jennifer Burbank, Late Afternoon, 2015, Oil on canvas, 48" x 36"

Megan Garbe, Snow Leopards, 2015, Oil on canvas, 23" x 50"

Rick Shaefer, Rhino, 2012, Charcoal on vellum mounted on aluminum, Triptych, 96" x 148"

John Brattin, The Beloved Chicken, 2014, Cellphone photograph

kHyal, The Weather sKwirl™: Weather Eyes, 2011, Digital drawing

Erin Cowgill, Running the Ball, Cartier World Cup Polo on Snow, St. Moritz, Switzerland,
2009, Digital capture

Elizabeth Albert, Gowanus Muskrat, 2012, Oil on canvas, 24" x 30"

Sheila Cameron, Then He Was a Bear, 2014, Acrylic and graphite on canvas, 8" x 8"

Margaret Morrison, Gummi Bears, 2008, Oil on canvas, 48" x 54", Courtesy of Woodward Gallery, NYC

Margaret Roleke, Target Series: Cottontail, 2013, Collaged monoprint, 11" x 14",
Photo credit: Paul McGuirk

Nosego, Daily Spontaneous Excursions (Detail: Panel 1), 2012, Acrylic on wood panel

Robert Janz, selection from Incut Drawings (an open edition of Xeroxed, cut
and collaged paper, variable sizes derived from standard letter format,
8.5" x 11" 2014-15 [continuing]), 2015, Wheat paste Xerox on construction wall,
Photo credit: Steve Stoppert

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