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Post Road Magazine #32

Mr. Gates Goes to Washington

Stephen Hitchcock

I sometimes wonder what I am thinking. What I actually think. For example, when I recently said, "Honestly, I've been a bit surprised that the climate talks historically haven't had R&D on the agenda, in any way, shape or form," I wasn't being honest. At least not with myself. But then again who is? And how could we be? I'm rich. Filthy rich, people like to say. What do they know about how rich I am when they don't know how to be rich. It's not easy. Honestly. My money actually affects the weather. Makes climate change. What does yours do? Why did they take so long to ask me to join the talks? I was surprised at how hurt I was when I began to think about it. When I say think I think I mean feel. That's just it, I mostly don't know how I am feeling, what I honestly think. But I know what you're thinking. And I can see how you feel. America, I can see it: the way, the shape, the form.

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