" Post Road Magazine - Issue #34 | Summer/Fall 2018
Post Road Magazine #34
Post Road #34

Issue 34

Literary Godparenting and the Hemingway Bundle: Stein and Hemingway in the Little Review — Justin Reed
Blood Moon — Donna Gordon
The Market — Meghan Houlihan
Public Space — Peter Joseph Koch
The Hawk Mercury — Ashley Mayne
Vacation — Molly Quinn
What We Gained in the Winter — Laura Steadham Smith
What Can a Ship Do for an Island? — Alison Wisdom
Death by Preservation — Andrew Blackman
Journey to the Center of the Earth — Beth Peterson
Body Language — Jody Keisner
IIII — Cris Harris
Screaming Jay Hawkins Esperanto — Jim Daniels
Solo a Metà — Anna Saroldi
Yard Work + Jewelry On — John Harn
Brynn Downing — This Land + Whale Fall
Polly Shindler
Bondservant — William Orem
Woven Dreams—On Robert Lamont — Stefan Bolz
Mink River by Brian Doyle — Devin Murphy
Edith Wharton — Lauren Hilger
Baho! by Roland Rugero— Jenny D. Williams
Love & Trouble by Claire Dederer (Knopf, 2017)— Kevin Sampsell
For the Time Being, by Annie Dillard — Rachel Pollack
Unfold — Alan Ackerman
Field Notes — Bill Coyle
Way Back — Tracy Gratch
Nothing — Atar Hadari
Now That Our Children Are Grown — Lowell Jaeger
At the Neighborhood Cookout — Daniel Lassell
Virgil Visits the Shore — Becka Mara McKay
It Broke the Surface — McKinley Murphy
Yearling — Melissa Oliveira
The Mottoes + Knockaconny — Aidan Roony
That June Morning — Michael Sowder


Cover Art: John Lurie, "Famous errors in hieroglyphics"