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Post Road Magazine #35

Seasons, The Planet Earth, & Other Suns

Osama Alomar


In the harsh winter of society and its icy storms, I closed the windows of my soul and sunk into a deep sleep. I woke in the crushing heat of society’s summer and jumped up, full of regret at having missed the spring with its magic and its sweet smelling paradises. I opened the windows of my soul all the way, but a long time passed before anyone felt the desire to enter. . . because it was full of hateful smells.

The Planet Earth

He turned on the television and sat down on the couch enjoying a soda. A view of the Earth from space appeared on the screen. The sight of it was captivating and magical.

He picked up a piece of paper and a pen and tried to draw it. But on the screen a black color began to infiltrate the planet’s edges. This surprised him but he didn’t stop outlining the borders of the continents and the oceans on the page. The black spots continued to increase. He stopped drawing to see how this strange sight would end.

Soon the Earth had turned into a pitch black ball. He put the pen and paper down on the table as he watched in surprise what was happening. Within moments a rumbling sound came from out of the black ball. Black smoke spewed from it and it began to move forward. It was the exhaust pipe of a car inside of which a group of teenagers raised their voices in excitement at the prospect of spending their New Year’s vacation at the beach.

Other Suns

I spent long years drinking deeply from the spring of his risen sun full of learning and knowledge. But when the sun set and darkness fell, I discovered that this had prevented me from seeing the billions of suns far bigger and more enlightening than his that were spread out across the infinite space of humanity . . . since that time I have stopped being satisfied with one sun no matter how long it shines.

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