Post Road Magazine #7

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Index: Lolita A-Z -Zoran Kuzmanovich with Vic Brand and others

“Lolita A-Z” was conceived as the first in a series of exercises in annotation designed to explore the depths and expose the pitfalls of intertexuality theory for the 1997 version of English 473: Joyce/Nabokov Seminar, a course I offer roughly every other year at Davidson College •

Interview: April Bernard -Reb Livingston

April Bernard is the author of three poetry collections: Swan Electric, Psalms, and Blackbird Bye Bye, and one novel, Pirate Jenny. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Boston Review, Agni, Ploughshares, Parnassus, and The New York Review of Books and is included ...more

Reprint: Henry James on Turgenev

There is perhaps no novelist of alien race who more naturally than Ivan Turgenev inherits a niche in a Library for English readers; and this not because of any advance or concession that in his peculiar artistic independence he ever made •

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