Post Road Magazine #7

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Dream Children by Edith Pearlman

Willa found the first portrait on a July evening while she was straightening her room. She had invited the two older boys to play there before bedtime, and the floor was strewn with chessmen and Othello counters •

Since It's You by Peter Brown

I might have married Charlemagne, if he weren't so black. If he weren't as old as my own dead father would have been. I was waiting tables at the Circle Hill seven days a week for two years already–at 23 it was my ...more

What We Do by Mat Johnston

Cindy, the only Korean girl I know, sees me on my front steps eating chips so she rides her bike over. Pink streamers hang off her handlebars and when her bike is dumped in my front yard, the streamers hide in grass •

Untitled as of Yet by Sarah Nankin

My mother says don't let the cigarette hang out your mouth it looks cheap. She says lots of things look cheap: cigarette burns, tight blue sweaters, coming home in the same outfit you left in the night before ...more

Activist by Andrew Richmond

Everything in the kitchen smells fried–thirteen suitcases, eight clocks, sixteen folding chairs, two each of most appliances, six televisions, three typewriters, and twelve umbrellas. I plug in a deep fryer and drop two frozen chicken legs into the grease •

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