Post Road Magazine #7

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A Confederacy + Mr. Sweatner's Parade by David Daniel

Mr. Sweatner puts his cart before
His snow-eyed mule and pulls the
Down the field roads of Friendship, Texas, ...more from Mr. Sweatner's Parade

The Nineteenth-Century Novel by Eve Grubin

Sometimes I just want to give in and become
the heroine in a great nineteenth-century novel.
An earnest and suffering young woman •

A Hunger So Honed + Self Portrait as the Letter Y by Tracy K. Smith

Driving home late through town
He woke me for a deer in the road,
The light smudge of it fragile in the distance, ...more from A Hunger So Honed

The Lais of Lost Long Days + Stripped from the Waist Up, Love by Olena Kalytiak Davis

Today I used my new little hummingbird of a poem to get a big old hummingbird of
A bug out the only open, able, window. All my poems are hummingbirds, are windows, •

Cellist + Dogs Resembling Their Owner by Peter Jay Shippy

It's 3:59. My palace is dark.
An unknown knife scratches night's negative

and so the stars appear. Sorry you're •

Three Months, No Kidding + Salt by Alison Stine

Because I loved a man who liked skin bare,
even there, and because he is three lovers past now
and I am falling in love with him all over again, •

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