Post Road Magazine #8

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Litany: Warnings -Amy Kreines

Warning: hazardous material.
This drug may impair the ability to drive or operate machinery. This drug may cause hair loss. Warning: use of this drug may cause drowsiness or sexual side-effects •

Reminiscence: Joseph Brodsky -Sven Birkerts

I knew Joseph Brodsky, not well by some standards, but with such exaggerated eagerness on my part that his influence remains, even now, eight years after his death, enormous. I don't mean his literary influence—though his effect there was considerable—but what might be called his tutelary presence ...more

Index: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald -Tom Murphy

Pagination follows the paperback edition of The Great Gatsby (The Authorized Text). New York: Collier/Macmillan, 1992. Subentries are sorted by first appearance of page number, with a few obvious exceptions •

Essay: Losing the Virginity of Time: The Literary Coordinates of Bruno Schulz and Isaac Babel -Ryan Boudinot

The absurd fever dream of modernity that Kafka wrought in prose was endured in the lives of Bruno Schulz and Isaac Babel. Both twentieth century Jewish writers, Babel and Schulz suffered religious and political persecution, met violent deaths, and changed world literature. One was a metaphysician, the other a hardboiled realist •

Interview: Elizabeth Searle -Sherry Ellis

Elizabeth Searle is the author of Celebrities in Disgrace, a finalist for the Paterson Fiction Prize; A Four Sided Bed, nominated for an American Library Association Award; and a short story collection, My Body to You, which won the Iowa Short Fiction Award ...more

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