Post Road Magazine #8

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Some Stories Are Parables, But by Brian Lennon

...when I got up from the porch, at the party on the farm, at which I could not speak, I looked out over the cornfield with stacked fluffy clouds and strings of sun and sprinklers and distant pickups trailing dust, at which I stared for a while •

August by H. H. LeCraw

He was seventy-eight years old, and could not remember ever being in a toy store. It was early August, sultry, Harvard Square alive with the false busyness of tourists and summer school students. The semester wouldn't start for another six weeks. Tomorrow, he and Cookie were going to Italy ...more

Flap by Rick Moody

The thing is that I've developed this flap of skin on my wrist. I think it was after the argument with Leslie, where she was saying that anti-bacterial soap didn't do any good. I get passionate about things. I know I had to get up really early one morning, and right when the alarm was screeching I was having a nightmare about postal delivery ...more

Travelogue by Vincent Standley

I quit the camera store after three weeks, then stayed at Judy's, running errands, making her coffee, mostly trying to keep out of the way. I'd been there for a month like that when she told me to get lost •

The Smile on Happy Chang's Face by Tom Perrotta

The Superior Wallcoverings Wildcats were playing in the Little League championship game, and I wanted them to lose. I wanted the Town Pizza Ravens and their star pitcher, Lori Chang, to humiliate them, to run up the score and taunt them mercilessly from the first-base dugout. I know this isn't an admirable thing for a grown man to admit

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