Post Road Magazine #8

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Device for Burning Bees and Sugar + It's Your Turn to Do the Milking, Father Said by Mark Wunderlich

It marks a grave.

Touch the sugar to your lips, ensuring its consistency, the amber pearl.

In the pan of hammered copper ...more from Device for Burning Bees and Sugar

Good Science + Heart by Stephanie Pippin

Judging by his letters I'd say this
Is a man who knows
Something of wings & extinction ...more from Good Science

The Wings of Butterflies + The Eyes of Fish by Jude Nutter

These are not the insects of our childhoods—
the common beauties we painted, open-winged
on their favourite flowers, their native landscapes
in the background marching away: Mourning Cloak,
Brimstone, Adonis Blue. What hangs before •

And the Ship Sails On + Beckett's Endgame by Joel Brouwer

He faced the sink, one foot up
on the edge of the tub. She stood
behind him, reaching around.
In the mirror, her face rose ...more from And the Ship Sails On

Servant + Servant by Emma Ramey

What was I but an eyelash. Just the boy's breath and I was gone, into the air of thirst and garlic. Who was it that saw me, anyway. Chin to my chest. Not even the boy, so close, nor the voices, addressing me •

Excision + Limb Replantation, Failed by Ander Monson

Photographs of you through the ice
the black and whites in the Gazette
of your machine being craned
up from the canal •

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