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Note: E.A.P -Peter LaSalle

Among the little-known oddities of Poe's life, one that scholars seem to eschew, is that he had dreams about two university press books that would be published well over a hundred years after his own death ...more

Reveries: At the Sign of the Hand -Eliot Weinberger

In English Benedictine monasteries around the year 1000, it was forbidden to speak, so novices were given the Monasteriales Indicia, an Anglo-Saxon handbook of hand signs •

Receipt: Taco Bell -Tristan Davies

Try on your next visit a tasty, chewy flaky chalupa that start at $.99
This sentence is found on the top of receipt #378, documenting an order made on June 14, 2003 at Taco Bell #5331, located in Cockeysville, Maryland •

Document: Salinger v. Random House, Inc., 8II F.2d 90 (2nd Cir.1987)

This appeal presents the issue whether the biographer of a renowned author has made “fair use” of his subject's unpublished letters. The issue arises on an expedited appeal from an order of the District Court for the Southern District of New York (Pierre N. Leval, Judge) denying a preliminary injunction sought by the well-known writer, J.D. Salinger, against Ian Hamilton and Random House, Inc. •

Translation: Four Short Poems by J.V. Foix -Translated by Susan Lantz

Translator's note: I translated these poems from Catalan starting with some rules meant to keep me from inserting myself into the poems: I had to translate each word as directly as possible, using only a Catalan-English dictionary ...more

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