Post Road Magazine #9

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A Couple of Polaroids by Alan Tinkler

Zoë drank beer from one of five English pint glasses she had stolen over the years. While three were counterfeit, two were authentic, having been pinched while visiting Great Britain. During her trip, she liked best the rolling confines of the Yorkshire moors. Had Zoë visited Spain as she had intended, she would also have complimentary wine glasses ...more

Simply Natural by Patricia Bjorklund

The Lancôme counter is an island. I weave through the uneven current of shoppers and as I round the glass cosmetic bay, I spot two young women at our fragrance station. They laugh, spritz each other with the testers until they see me coming, my name tag and my puffy “poet” smock. Their easy laughter skids to a halt •

Theater of the Cruel by Eugenio Volpe

If Santo was into a book, there was no pulling him out. Voracious. A defense mechanism geared to remedy the constant knocking at the kitchen door. School nights with men coming and going at all hours. Off-duty cops. Neighbors. A member of the Zoning Board. Mostly the jobless, the laid-off, men spending their unemployment checks before their wives got hold of them. Black Monday merely stimulated business •

Late by Robert Mentzer

I know that they resent me because I am their boss, because I wear glasses, because I am the one telling them to come to work on time or correcting spelling errors in reports they submit, because it is my job to do those things and because I do not talk with them about Ohio State football ...more

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