Post Road Magazine #9

New Labors by Janusz Szuber - Traslated by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough

I've become a pantry boy.
A job as good as any other.
I'm watchful not to get my hands slapped.
I take care of china sets, polish old silver
(I've never seen new silver yet).
For hours I can contemplate a ladle,
Its triumphant, inaccessible esse,
Which can't be possessed with words.
Different from my I was, I am, I will,
It arouses disinterested admiration and humility,
Respect for things existing outside me.
And amazement that I've been given exactly this
As an advance payment for something or a promise,
Representing as it were a timid introduction
To private metaphysics. •

Janusz Szuber is a Polish poet who published his first book of poetry in 1995 when he was forty-six years old. Since then twelve collections of his poems, as well as his selected poems, have appeared in print. In the eight years since his debut, Szuber has won great critical acclaim and received many prestigious literary prizes.

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