Post Road Magazine #9

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Botany Notes + No Child Will Choose It by Amy Beeder

Who would pick him over zebras
or the pig, sun-yellow with a racy grin?
Green-saddled & set between a white steed ...more from No Child Will Choose It

Log Book + Elm & Cancer by Joanna Rawson

We don't mean to belabor the stump.
Or talk any more now about our vows, our frantic doing of something,
anything. There have been enough appointments canceled,
and invitations declined on such short notice ...more from Elm & Cancer

Self Portrait as Video Installation + December Sonnet by Rick Barot

The elephant in the white room
is told to play dead, and she falls

to the gray floor, rocking a little
before going wholly still, •

De Se Ipso + New Labors by Janusz Szuber - Traslated by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough

Generous—ungenerous Fate
Begrudged him talent and beauty
(While it gave in abundance
To those without merit). ...more from De Se Ipso

After a Rest: Palimpsest + Echo Digression by Monica Ferrell

Who is she who difficults my steps on this path,
Overturns the stones and makes strange signs?
It is the dead one, it is the shadow-bag
Filled with ash and wax parings, bloated, huge •

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