First Serial

From Daughters & Sons to Fathers:
What I’ve Never Said

Compiled and Edited by Constance Warloe

From Daughters & Sons to Fathers: What I’ve Never Said (Story Line Press 2001) is actually the second volume in an anthology project I began in 1995 and completed in 1999. The first volume, From Daughters to Mothers: I’ve Always Meant to Tell You, was published in 1997.
For both volumes, I invited contemporary writers to address their respective parents in the intimate, epistolary voice. I asked each of them to write a letter and send a photograph as an end-of-century record of relationships that, for all their emotional and chronological milestones, are never fully expressed or understood. Searching for an authenticity beyond the sentimental tributes of commercially dictated holidays or the self-serving memoirs in recent tell-all books, I hoped that the universality of the topic and the literary sensibilities of the writers might create a perspective on the intergenerational influences, conflicts and desperately deep connections we have all experienced with our parents.
The results have exceeded my expectations in both quality and impact. Post Road has selected four of the best from the letters in From Daughters & Sons to Fathers: What I’ve Never Said. The letters by >Naomi Shihab Nye, Dawn Raffel, Pablo Medina and David Shields are so honest, revealing and true, so compellingly written, that I can predict with some confidence that you, as a reader, will have that moment which this project has aimed for, the moment of recognition when you are no longer reading a literary work but reflecting instead on your relationship with your own father. Read on. —C.W.