The Difference between the Need for Consistency & the State of Expectation

Matthea Harvey


              Engine: /_

The mouse moved like a sugar

mouse. The plank factory wasn't

without razzle-dazzle Hazel,

the foreperson, had an upturned

nose. At one time snow

could be counted upon to

highlight the horizontal. We were

Learning to Love the Organism

at Large, no longer hoping for

a badminton game with les gamins.

We agreed: if you ask a fellow how

he feels you hurt a fellow's feelings.

But then there was the shuttlecock

& the shock of it made the snowy

mouse bite Hazel's ankle & she

kicked a stack of planks which

buried me & only sweetened you.


Definition of Weather

Matthea Harvey


(abbr.)                                   W

(accus.)                                  You little wretch.

(Anat.)                                   Organs of indeterminate rumbling.

(attrib. false) Ashbery               My charming weather-wuss, I'll wed you in


(Bibl.)                                     Elijah asked the brothers to stop throwing stones at

                                             their sister. They did not stop. The next day an

                                             asteroid killed their pet rabbit.

(Cinetamog.)                          The Divan's Demise real-time footage of

                                             raindrops coming through the window & staining

                                             a lavendar velvet sofa. (129 min.)

(colloq.) "under the weather"     Aren't we all.

(Culin.)                                   Pancake ice.

(demons.)                              Zeus, this is the unnecessary storm I was talking


(ellip.)                                    Ergo.

(exclam.)                                Your oracular bones!

(f.)                                         The Quarrel about the Better Wing.

(fem.)                                    Hurricane Helen (see also "Fall of Troy")

(hist.)                                     Queen Victoria's coronation: raindrops break &

                                             enter into what had been ordained A Fine Day.

(Mil.)                                      cloud formations

(Ornithol.)                               Initially canaries were thought to fall from the

                                             clouds after a tropical storm.

(poet.)                                   Reverse ascension.

(sl.) tornadoes & hurricanes      cones n' canes

(Theol.)                                  Yes.