Collateral Damages: Contexts for Thinking of the Liberation of Jamil Abul Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown)   Jeremy Matthew Glick

Stephen Burt
Saskia Hamilton
Matthea Harvey
Eric Lorberer
John Ruff

Two Monologues: Will Eno

Jan Hodgman
Oona Hyla Patrick

June Unjoo Yang
Ander Monson
Diana George
Toby Leah Bochan
Nicholas Montemarano

Josh Dorman
Introduction by William Corbett

A Selection   Mary Jo Bang
Jane Hamilton   Melanie Braverman
COOL FOR YOU by Eileen Myles   Hillary Chute
A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT by Norman Maclean   Nicholas  Dawidoff
BEL CANTO by Ann Patchett   Mary-Beth Hughes
MY SECRET LIFE by Michael Ryan   Alden Jones
BLOOD by Patricia Traxler   Margot Livesey
MY LIFE AND HARD TIMES by James Thurber   Fiona Maazel
No Wedding, No Cake: Moseley and Mutis   Askold Melnyczuk
Oklahoma on my Mind   Alison Moore
THE BONE PEOPLE by Keri Hulme   Margot Schilpp
BLACK TICKETS, Then and Now   Elizabeth Searle
SHEEPSHEAD BAY  by Ed Barrett   William Corbett
Translation: Rhapsody for the Mule   JosČ Lezama Lima, Tr.  G. J. Racz
Dance: A Poetics of Risk   Ann Darby
Journal: Teaching Korea   Lavinia Spalding
Document: Last Will and Testament of Samuel Johnson