Post Road Magazine #24

Lucy Mink: Strangely Familiar Places

Cary Smith

01 - Fear and Safety, 2012, oil on linen over panel, 14 x 15 in., Courtesy of McGowan Fine Art

Lucy Mink creates a strangely believable sense of place in her abstract paintings. Her stacks of invented, slowed down, abutted natural forms are made with complex, mixed, and most often subtle earth-like colors—with occasional moments of harmonic brightness. Color combinations you can feel in your bones radiate a convincing light. The weighty harmonics feel like heartfelt drumming with unexpected beats—they satisfy. Linear patterning and crisscrossing lattices act as a repeating foil, but are clearly in their right home. Within each work there is evidence of painterly history on history, revealing her continuous search for a rightness of a sort. Flat and three dimensional spaces, constantly shifting, are inside, and sometimes on top of one another. She creates familiar yet frightening places that feel both lonely and hopeful. Her slow burn, stream of consciousness paintings pay us back with time, as we keep coming back to look again. But things can't be figured out—she leaves the mind behind, and we are left to trust our instinct. Her paintings are open, to let us in, and then to travel where we are taken, partly by ourselves.

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